About Us - We are national employee background screening company, offering a number of screening tools that fit the screening requirements of companies large and small.  Our management staff, has a high degree of understanding in meeting the needs of the human resources departments and can appropriately address your employee background screening needs.

Our customers view our company as customer friendly, provide background screening tools that fit their needs, turnaround time is the best in the industry and pricing is unmatched. Our staff stays abreast of current regulations and we believe in providing a high degree of customer service. Our support staff is available from 9 AM - 7 PM, Monday through Friday EST.

We believe, along with our track record, experience and customer service, we will make a perfect match. We value all of our customers and your business no matter how big or small. Our company assists a wide array of business sectors including  manufacturing, medical, retail, executive staffing, financial, hospitality, airlines, food service, state and local governments, etc..

Our background screening tools, allow employers to verify information that they receive from an applicant during the hiring process. Whether information stated on an application or stated in the interview. Our tools can verify employment eligibility, work history, criminal history, education background check, driver license check (MVR), etc.  Our background screening tools, will confirm an applicant’s abilities and skills level.
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